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Feel free to send me a message. I am available for commissions as well as for demonstrations, tuition and exhibitions. I always love to hear what viewers think of my work. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Tatty K

Littlehampton, South Australia, Australia

+61 (0)404 083 109

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Youth Art Mentorship Program: PyroGraphix


Tatty K has facilitated and mentored youth artists on 6 public art mural projects throughout the Mount Barker district. 

The other artist mentor was Rebecca Prince and the lead artist was Marissa Summersides. The longest mural was 77 metres long (above) and the largest 200m2. 

Graffiti removal and mural reinstatement


With art in public spaces, graffiti management is part of the process. Each youth mural has had an anti-graffiti wax applied  then if vandalised the graffiti is removable with steam, leaving the main mural undamaged.

This collaborative painting installed at the Macclesfield RSL memorial garden was coated with clear wax before handover.

Hand carved tile mosaics


Relief carved handmade tiles is one of Tatty K's specialities.  The shaping makes the image appear 3 dimensional and all the cut lines are part of the design. 

Rather than compete with broken tile mosaic artists, Tatty K's point of difference is to make her own tiles from scratch.

She can also teach you how to make your own feature tiles

Inspired by Japan


In mid-2017 Tatty K participated in a Ceramic Tour to Japan. She studied techniques under 6 different Japanese pottery masters and came back with many new approaches to share with her clients. This is an"Oribe" vase displayed in a shop window in Kyoto

Firing Services


Studio Tatty K fires pottery for students, the general public, libraries, schools, community centres, galleries, and  her own work. So in March 2019 she will be installing a new industrial Rhode Kiln (all the way from Germany). A full kiln load will cost $70, but smaller items can share loads and costs with other artists.

Functional Art


As well as bowls, plates, bottles, mugs and kitchenware, Tatty K is often asked to custom create larger functional items. In this case it was a bathroom sink - this item was wheel thrown, hand built, stippled with a river pebble, coated in slip, glazed in white and fired to 1260 degrees Celsius.